Client Briefing

Benchmark strategy differs from others in terms of all of our creative well-studied steps starting with meeting with our client for getting all information of the project and till the end of the project. We don’t only receive the information and work, but we also offer different options and recommendations to our clients. It is two-way communication technique that we adopt to understand each other for more efficient and effective jobs implementation.

Market Research

Markets are different from time to time, location to location and behavior to behavior, that is why researching markets Benchmark team will help our client to open the floor for more hidden opportunities and will pave the way for proper marketing strategy. Digital marketing or physical marketing is not the big issue that we focus on, our focus is always on how to get the return on investment and above expected revenues.

Customized plan

At benchmark we do not believe in something fits all, there are always differences between client needs, products and expectations, and if the clients have common products, definitely they have different visions and missions. Here come customized plans turn, in which we provide our clients with needs-based plan to meet the client expectations and to help in achieving different term goals.

Brand establishment

Brand establishment is not that easy task as it takes months and sometimes years to be done. What distinguishes Benchmark from other companies it that we already have great experiences in building brands and taking it to the sky. So, building brand to us is as easy as chewing gum since we already have experience in the same, it's not only an experience or just normal experience it's a practical experience with Rotana Group and other clients.


It is what we do best, we are specialized at holding the right event for new business launch, preparing proper speeches, inviting celebrities and concerned industry decision makers, and creating brand’s presence that is memorable and engaging.

Online and Offline Marketing

Benchmark explores channels where customers exist, we do not waste client’s money on digital marketing because it is the new trend, spending money in the right place pays off. Exploring customers demographic may lead to offline marketing. Online and offline marketing have important roles to play but such roles should be assigned carefully.

Marketing Analysis

Conducting proper marketing campaign is not the end of the journey, it is only the beginning where Benchmark analyzes the response of the customers and start adjusting the campaign to get more traffic and responses and subsequently more revenues and fame for the brand.


Most of the clients think that they will sit on the top forever, but what they do not know is that empires fall and brands fall too, so, keeping and maintaining brand’s position is the most difficult job and it needs robust team to follow up, get the feedback and act accordingly. Upgrading campaigns to be in line with the customer needs is not that easy job, and it requires dedicated and experienced team capable of handling great success.