Website and mobile application designs

Benchmark delivers cost-effective solutions that help clients grow their businesses. Our well-trained highly qualified team will provide you with a wide range of application designs that will pay the customers attention to the brand and promote brand automatically. A series of actions will be executed to reach the ultimate goal starting with collecting and analyzing information and ending with creating the proper website and applications.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the perfect way to visualize things that would be impossible to see otherwise. There is huge difference between virtual reality and augmented reality, the first transforms the real world into alien world whereas the latter adds more objects and features to the real word. benchmark uses depth tracking, computing, mapping and simulations, to blend the real-world environment with a digitalized one. This allows persons to experience the world differently.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO team is dedicated and specialized at positioning your brand at the top. We analyze not only your business needs and objectives, but also the market and customer needs and objectives. What makes us different form others is that we always look for the best for our clients and their brands. We develop a true understanding of what makes any business stand out from the rest and implement effective SEO tactics to help you grow and compete

Digital Marketing

We effectively bridge media tactics to connect consumers with brands and solutions they’re looking for. Highly targeted paid search campaigns are created to help businesses widen their reach. Our technology enables us delivering advertisement campaigns to match a combination of consumer demographics, search behaviors, locations and customer demands.

Movies Making, distribution and protection

Benchmark is part of Rotana Group, the number one production group in the middle east and north of Africa, our well-trained and experienced team will put their long experience in every movie they make, not only that, they will make sure of distributing and protecting the property of such movies for the client to feel the uniqueness and security.

Payment Gateway

When online payment is part of your business, you should provide your customers with easy and secured purchasing experience. It’s a given that you need to design your website properly to suit your customers but thinking of the checkout process is one of the most important stuff you need to focus on when you have online payment portal. Benchmark promises you to choose for you the right payment gateway that suits your type of transactions, Benchmark will also make sure of the security of your payment gateway all the time.