Media Relations

Grounded in strategic approach to communications, we help you define proper message and right story to target the right audience. Through organizing ideas and thoughts logically, we position your brand as a go-to source for information within others’ comments, opinions, conversation opportunities and results.


Since having good story is important, reaching right society category is no less importance. Starting conversations by influencers creates excitement and interest in brand, Rotana Stars is one of the largest media leaders in MENA region and that because of its commitment and dedication to the clients’ expectations, the commitment we make changes the future of your brand in which people will always looking forward to. We promise through our dedicated team, hard work and right influencers to conduct robust media campaigns that will foster your existence in the market.

Social Media

After analyzing the targeted audience, their needs in terms of the brand, we innovate social media strategies for the same, by delivering the right message on all social media platforms. We engage people with our brand by speaking of its nature, providing general information that people are always looking for, and writing articles that are of people’s interest. All of the above are always according to the client’s objectives.

Brochures and Presentations

A well-designed brochure or one-presentation delivered properly, can be the seed that develops into a new customer. The leaflet or brochure helps customers find you, it can help close the sale.