The branding team will help you identify your position within the markets locally and internationally in order to promote your brand properly by sending proper message to proper audience


The design, advertising and audiovisual teams will always work according to the branding and researching teams that get the feedback from customers and send it to different teams to start their work according to the market trends.

Printing (2D & 3D)

Have you ever thought of the paper quality of a brochure you liked? Have you asked yourself why this book cover colors are more attractive than similar book? Have you asked yourself why 3d and not 2d? all of these questions and more can be answered by Benchmark team. Benchmark will always choose the right printing type that will be paying your category of people that you are looking for when promoting your brand.

Public Relations

We deliver game-changing communication strategies for B2B and B2C clients. We, at Benchmark, define for you the challenges and create different customized solution that help you lay down strong foundations in client services. We develop for you different strategies to identify opportunities in the B2B sales cycle to create brand’s presence that is memorable and engaging.

Audiovisual Services

Benchmark has a multicultural skilled and experienced team with media background. Our staff of innovative entrepreneurs focuses on creating the most strategic and effective communication for our clients. Our priorities at Benchmark are customer care, excellence, integrity, ingenuity, reliability and empowerment.


The press releases we publish are carefully worded and message focused, however, We don’t just rely on press releases; as we all know, Two-thirds of B2B buyers prefer to conduct research online than risk having to interact with pushy sales, that is why we adapt content strategies to different stages of the marketing funnel. We know how to research, create and tell the right stories of our clients’ business.


The searching and researching team will conduct market and competitive analysis to carefully define your needs in the soon and far future.

Performance Management

Monitoring brand or product performance is important but managing and controlling performance is no less importance. Benchmark helps you link your key performance indicators to your strategy, we also help you manage all of your KPIs in one place and drive your performance through proper actions.